March 22nd Workshops

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(must pre-register)

- 11 time ANW Competitor

- 8 time National Finalist

- Georgia Army National Guard Prior Service

- Cleared 18ft Mega Wall First Try in ANW 10 & 11 


90 min. workshop will include 1 hour of warped wall training and 30 min. of open gym time with Ryan.  The hour of instruction will cover proper technique for the approach, run up and climb up.  Ryan will show drills to improve timing and coordination as well as exercises to increase leg/climb up strength.  You'll also learn tips on how to progress, spot, and bail safely. 

Ryan Stratis

Ages 8-12: Sunday, March 22nd 11:30-1:00

Adult (13+):  Sunday, March 22nd 2:00-3:30


(must pre-register)

- 9 time ANW Competitor

- 6 time National Finalist

- 3 time Allstar Competitor

- 3 time ANW Skills Challenge Competitor 

-Has competed in Japan, Vietnam, and Germany 

90 min. workshop will include 1 hour of instruction and 30 min of open gym time with Jamie.  The hour of instruction will focus on balance, obstacle creativity and problem solving.  If there's anyone who knows how to adapt on a course, it's the man with the green hair who ran stage 1 barefoot in season 10 after he lost a shoe! 

Jamie Rahn

Adult (13+): Sunday, March 22nd 11:30-1:00

Ages 8-12:  Sunday, March 22nd 2:00-3:30


Intro To Tricking

(must pre-register)

Adam Devenport & Sebastian White


- Pro-tricker and owner of Shapes of Tricking magazine and clothing line

-Featured on ESPN Tricking Battles

-10 years of coaching experience

-2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo


- Pro-tricking athlete signed on with Torque Tricking

-7 years parkour & 3 years coaching experience

- Does tricking tours across the US and internationally 

The "Intro to Tricking" workshop is for ages 13+ and will cover very basic skills for beginners.  You don't need parkour experience to sign up for this workshop!  The workshop is 90 min long and includes 60 min of instruction/practice and 30 min of open gym with Adam and Sebastian.  They'll be teaching basic kicks such as hooks, round kicks, tornados and 540s.  They'll also be teaching transitions, set-ups and basic flips, such as back tucks, front tucks and aerials. 


Adult (13 +):  11:30-1:00pm 

Adam Devenport

Advanced Tricking

Adam Devenport & Sebastian White

The Advanced Tricking workshop is

for athletes who already have some

tricking experience and can do basic tricks.  The 90 min workshop will include 60 min of instruction by Adam Devenport and Sebastian White.  They'll cover: how to add variety to basic tricks, broadening kicks and set-ups, general set-ups into pop-fulls, full-swipe, full-shuriken, full d-leg, dub-full, cheat 720, cheat 9, rapid-hooks, and beginner level recaps. 


Adult (13 +):  1:00-2:30pm

(must pre-register)

Sebastian White

Want tricking workshops for kids?  Send an email to to express your interest and we'll add one.