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Level 1

(requires a class membership)

Tricking is a discipline that combines kicks, flips, and twists. It has borrowed and reimagined tricks from martial arts, gymnastics, and dance. It aims to achieve an aesthetic display of different combinations of "tricks" and is lots of fun. Tricking level 1 will teach the building blocks for anyone who wants to learn tricking.

Age 8+: Sundays @ 6PM

Level 2

(requires a class membership)

Tricking level 2 is for those looking to further their skills in tricking. In this class, students will learn more advanced flips and twists as well as more difficult kicks and set ups for skills.

Age 8+:  Sundays @ 7PM

To register for a class, first click here to sign a waiver, then call (864) 775-4844

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