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F l i p   C l a s s e s

Level 1

(requires a class membership)

Flips class is for anyone looking to learn aerial awareness and basic flips on the trampoline, spring floor, and everywhere else. This class is perfect for those looking to spend more time upside down. Students will also partake in some strength training and basic tumbling.

Age 8-9: Tues 5:30pm or Wed 6:30pm

Age 10-12: Mon 4:30pm, Wed 6:30pm or Fri 5:30pm

Age 13+: Fri 4:30pm

Level 2

(requires a class membership)

This class is for students who have passed Flip Level 1 and want to progress in experience and technique. 

Age 8+:  Wed 6:30pm or Thurs 4:30pm

To register for a class, first click here to sign a waiver, then call (864) 775-4844

to get enrolled

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