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The facility

MOTIVE building
Motive 1007 whole

Any Ninja Warrior enthusiast is excited to try obstacles from the popular TV show.  Having staple obstacles, such as the warped wall and the salmon ladder, are important.  However, it is equality important to design obstacles that challenge the basic and the technical skills of a ninja.  Having designer, Brett Sims, will be helpful in keeping a continuous flow of new obstacles that can be interchanged on our versatile structures.  We will have a wide selection of not only common and well known obstacles, but also new and unique obstacles that athletes from around the country will be excited to come and try.  



MOTIVE's parkour section has been designed with the student in mind.  This area will mostly be used to teach basic skills in a safe way. Specific equipment needed to safely teach parkour include the foam pit, spring floor, movable ground rails, vault boxes and precision trainers.  The parkour section will also serve as a fun area for seasoned parkour athletes who have open gym memberships, or visit from out of town for special events like competitions and jams.  Our creative design is the perfect mix of complex structures and moveable/instructional pieces. 


We are excited to offer birthday parties to children of all ages.  With our separate kids course, party room, and restroom, MOTIVE can maintain open gym and adult classes on the weekends while simultaneously running parties.  This is also where we will host our mini-ninja classes during the week.  Having separation between small children and adults is also safer for both parties. 



Being a natural movement gym, we love the idea of having a studio space where people can practice yoga, dance, martial arts and more.  The studio will be a 39 x 23 ft. room that will be rented to instructors to carry out various types of classes during the week.  

Motive 1007 yoga.JPG

The mezzanine will provide a walking track for anyone who wishes to use it, a viewing area with bleachers, and a comfortable lounge area.  Last but ceretainly not least, the mezzanine will contain our exercise equipment.  The gym equipment is designated for members only.  Parents will be able to buy discount memberships that will give them access to this equipment so they can enjoy a workout while waiting for their child's class. 


Motive 1007 GYM.JPG


With instruction being our main focus, we expect to have a high volume of children taking classes.  Our facility will accommodate parents who are waiting for and watching their children.  A walking track, viewing area, power outlet-lined counter top, and comfortable lobby are all great spaces for parents and siblings to enjoy the gym. Parents can also purchase a limited membership that will allow them to use the exercise equipment in the viewing area. 


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